4 brilliant reasons to buy a new van

When it comes to buying a new commercial van, one of the first questions many people tend to ask first is – should I buy new or used? Well, since we stock both here at Van Discount, personally we’d say there’s no simple all-encompassing answer. Really, it depends on what you’re looking for. While even the best new van deals can often command a higher upfront cost, that comes with some undeniably great perks. Here are some of the four most popular with some of our customers!

Reliability and peace of mind

This is one of the most obvious benefits right off the bat. Now, it’s important to note that we’re certainly not saying used vans are unreliable – we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot a bit otherwise! (In fact, as long as a used van has been looked after, in many cases it can be almost as reliable as a new one.)

However, the simple truth is that some customers prefer to buy a new van with a completely clean service history, just for their own peace of mind. And indeed, when you buy a new van you can count on all the machinery and electrics to be in mint condition, while being covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. While a brand new van might demand a higher initial investment, many fleet managers consider it a worthy price to pay for what they’d save in maintenance costs, as well as potential lost productivity for the time a van would spend off the road while repairs are being made.

The latest cutting edge technology

The in-car tech is reason alone for some fleet managers and drivers to choose a new van, especially if the drivers will be spending the majority of their days inside it. There are plenty of modern systems to assist with navigation or parking, or infotainment systems to help drivers while away the long journeys. What’s more, certain types of cutting edge technology can accommodate connectivity with mobile devices like phones or tablets, which can be especially helpful for technicians or other professionals who’ll be using their vans as a mobile office or workshop.

A cleaner, more efficient fleet

As you’re no doubt aware, the rules on emissions standards are constantly evolving, and they’ve become increasingly strict in recent years. However, manufacturers are adapting to accommodate this, and the newest vehicles will be outfitted with the cleanest engines and lowest emissions. All new vans are currently being built to the Euro 6.2 standard, the latest standard in the European Commission’s Euro 6 regulations. Cleaner engines make a notable impact on the amount of annual tax you’ll pay, as well as helping you to avoid falling afoul of initiatives like London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone.

As an extra bonus, it’s a great bit of Corporate Social Responsibility for your business, and can help win you points amongst the more environmentally conscious of your customers, clients or investors.

First impressions

OK, so we recognise this might not be a pivotal point when considered alone, but once again it’s a handy extra bonus when considered alongside all of our points above. A brand new van (or a fleet of them) can impress a lot of customers in certain industries, especially if they’re new sign-ups to your business. That’s because a new van can be a handy shorthand way of communicating that you’re investing in your business, showing awareness and responsibility of your equipment and staff. In short, it shows a tangible commitment to maintaining the standards of your fleet, and therefore the standard of your customer service.

Of course, these are just a couple of examples – you may well have your own in mind! Don’t forget, our friendly experts are always on hand to help. We’ve got a fantastic range of new van deals here at Van Discount, including ones from leading manufacturers like Ford and Peugeot. You can also choose options from our range of tipper vans or Luton vans – why not take a look around our site, and see what you can find?