70 plate vans will be ready to buy from 1st of September

The new 70 plate van is almost here, with only a few more days to go until its release. We’ve already recently covered why now is a great time to get a new van, so if you’re looking to replace one of your commercial vehicles or update your fleet, look no further then us right here at Van Discount. We typically save buyers an average of 40% off the Recommended Retail Price of a van, making us the perfect choice if you’re looking for the best van deals on 70 plate vehicles!

70 plates are the latest brand new vans to hit the road

70 plate vans mark the newest generation of commercial vehicles to be released in the UK, as new car registrations become available once every six months. 20 plate vans form the current iteration, having been in circulation since March of this year.

Here’s a quick look at upcoming number plates to be released, and when they’ll be available:

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 16.48.52

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 16.49.55

Why does the number matter on registration plates?

Essentially, it tells you at a glance how old the van is. This is a factor that buyers frequently take into account when assessing the quality of a given vehicle, so that makes it a handy identifier that can often provide the best value if you decide to sell your van further down the line.

The first two characters on the plate are the second most important pair, as they indicate where the vehicle was registered. Each region in the UK has is assigned its own unique area code. A few major examples are below. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 16.50.49

The last three letters of the number plate aren’t quite as crucial – they’re randomly generated, and allocated to dealers when the cars are registered.

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