A First for Fiat – The Launch of the ‘Fullback’

Fiat’s brave advance into the ever-expanding market for pickups has seen the Italian car company produce the new Fullback.

From Italy, via Japan, this 4×4 is basically a fifth generation Mitsubishi L200. Clearly the front end has some design differences – The new nose looks slightly more bulky and butch.

Inside, L200 owners may recognise familiar glossy black surfaces. The more luxurious of the two trims offered (the LX), gives buyers leather seats, LED daytime running headlights and a touchscreen infotainment system, along with a bunch of other convenient gadgets and gismos.


But how would it cope on the road?

Well the top of the range 2.4l engine in the LX gives the driver 180bhp to work with and the underpinnings of the L200 frame and the automatic gear box also gives varied four wheel drive options.

Drivers can switch between two and four wheel drive, as well has having a trailer assist option which sends 60% of the torque to the rear wheels. The LX sports 17″ alloys and Fiat have ‘refined’ the ride, although it is said to be bouncy at times.

The Fullback is quite long too, long enough to fit a max load of 1035kg in it’s 1470mm2 bed.


All in all, the Fullback is a comfortable place to be in and being the majority of a new L200, it is also capable. However, the finish and allround finesse of some of it’s competitors (the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux), do outclass the newcomer, making it feel like a cheaper alternative.

However, if you like Fiat’s modifications and the fact that Fiat’s lack of pedigree in the 4×4 market is given a boost with the building block of an experienced Japanese vehicle underneath, then this should be a serious contender for your money.