Are you a fleet manager? Here’s what to watch out for in 2022

Off the back of an unprecedented last couple of years that have seen everything from lockdowns stopping operations, to new rules for green vehicles, it’s fair to say that business fleet managers have had their work cut out. And as we head further into a new year, it begs the question of what the next 11 months or so might bring.

So here, we’ve detailed a few predictions for 2022, ranging from digitalised customer services all the way up to the rising preferences for electric vehicles, which may affect the future demand for cheap van deals.

Possible vehicle supply issues

The pandemic put the brakes on a number of areas within the sector, but a notable example was with vehicle production. One specific problem has been with the supply of semiconductors, which are needed for producing vehicles – especially within electric components and EVs. As such, many manufacturers are still playing catch up, so managers wanting to order new fleets may face a longer wait.

More digital data analysis

Improvements in telematics technology in the last few years have given fleet managers the opportunity to learn more about their vehicles and where and how they’re used by drivers. So, why not fully embrace the digital world with both your internal and customer facing operations? The information you gather could be invaluable for giving your fleet an efficiency boost.


A shift towards EVs

Last year’s COP26 saw a big green push towards decarbonisation, particularly within the transport sector. This has incentivised many fleet managers to start moving towards using electric vehicles to help get in line with the impending green targets, especially with more cities across the UK ready to adopt ever stricter Clean Air Zones.

With all that in mind, the current thinking is that EVs will one day become the norm and will become a part of everyday life for consumers. So it’s probably no surprise that so many fleet managers are already making the move, with countless fleets incorporating at least one or two EVs. Maybe it’s worth considering for your own business fleet? And in fact, speaking of which…

Looking to upgrade your fleet?

If the need to upgrade your existing fleet is weighing on your mind – whether these predictions have made you consider going electric or not – that’s exactly where we can help out at Van Discount. As well as a fantastic range of quality and popular makes and models, there are plenty of affordable options in our collection when it comes to low-emissions and green technology.

To see for yourself, browse our stock online today and if you want to find out more get in touch with us directly by calling 01282 872 530. Our team will be more than happy to answer your questions and get your company equipped with the right vehicles to make sure 2022 is the successful year you want it to be.