DHL Goes It Alone With Electric Van Range

DHL Deutsche Post has “annoyed” VW bosses for shunning their diesel model Caddy vans in favour of increasing it’s of Street Scooters.

Street Scooters are a small, fully electric van with a range of 75 miles from one charge and a top speed of slightly over 50mph. They make use of a vast supplier network, in a co-ordinated attempt to keep the build of the vehicle as cost effective as possible. DHL already have 1,000 of these vehicles with the potential to expand production capacity to 5,000 a year, phasing out the recently disputed VW diesels from their fleet. There is also talk of Deutsche Post soon taking on a larger model, doubling the carrying capacity with aims to have 170 of these vans on the road by the end of the year.

VW are still “irritated” and “annoyed” by the decision, having said they could have come to some agreement to supply their electric vans. Although DHL paint a different picture, explaining it’s frustrations with the German car manufacturer having been knocked back after several rejections when asking for a dedicated electric vehicle. However, it seems that the postal company are moving ahead with their own plans and looking to the future.