Goverment to Splash a Further £10 Million on Electric Charging

As the LCV market increases to expand into fully-electric vans, the UK gets a £10 million boost to improve the charging infrastructure nation wide.

With Nissan, Peugeot and Renault already having fully-electric models on the road and Mercedes and VW now committing to mass producing their soon-to-come, all-electric models by 2018, this boost could see manufacturers starting to offer whole fleets of zero emission vehicles in the next few years. £7.5 million pounds of the ten will be spent on charging points in commercial and business areas with the rest being for residential. This comes as part of a £35 million fund set aside to promote the use of ultra-low emission vehicles. After the recent expansion of London’s ultra-low emissions zone, this type of money gives manufacturers more incentive for the production of these vehicles, as well as making the idea more appealing to deliver and transport companies, by making the necessary charging points more accessible.

This is good news for the country and good news for the industry. The trend to go all electric with delivery vans is very much getting hotter, with companies like DHL leading the way with their renewed push on creating their own fully-electric vans. This has already started fueling more research and development into making the technology more impressive (in terms of range and lighter weight), which in turn will make all-electric tech in non-commercial vehicles less expensive and more accessible, thus being more likely for many of us to make the switch in the coming years.