Mercedes Announce Vision Van Concept

This new van from Mercedes Benz is said to be hailed as the future making the last mile of every delivery much more efficient, being electrically powered and packed to the rafters with gizmos to aid the driver.

The 75 Kilowatt motor could have a range of 270 miles, but will vary due to payload and traffic etc. It also comes with a bunch of tech. Mercedes want this van to be able to delivery to multiple destinations, almost simultaneously. The van will have the ability autonomously guide drones to drop packages off at a pre-agreed time. This would be useful if people in the same neighbourhood, block or street just happened to order something for delivery at a similar time, by the same courier… However unlikely that scenario is, the company would aim to make the whole process more efficient by introducing all this technology, which does kind of make it very tech dependent.

Mercedes have said that they designed this concept to push forward in an ever-changing sector, after good starts to the year, boasting they had the “best results” and whilst we all might be skeptical about weather this Vision would adVANce into the real world, it doesn’t half look cool…