New Fuel Cell Powered Hyundai

Meet the NEW H350. Displayed as a concept by Hyundai recently at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Germany.

The H350 sports similar technology to the company’s ix35 which had the option for a fuel cell powered car, the first to be mass produced for the UK market. Even though the Hydrogen fuel cell is used to produce electricity for an on board lithium-polymer battery (as well as the engine), it has the lick on regular electric vehicle tech, giving a larger range of use as well as producing 134bhp, with a 95mph top speed. The van can do all this whilst operating almost silently, making it a smart choice for urban deliveries, even in the dark of the night. The 175 litre tank can be refilled in a similar time to a regular petrol or diesel engine and a full tank gives a range of 260 miles, whilst only emitting water. The powertrain is kept under the vehicle, as not to have an impact on loading space, which will hold 5 standard Euro pallets.

Hyundai are yet to release any processed for he Hydrogen powered H350, but they currently plan to offer it in three variants, as a panel van, mini bus and also a truck.