New Navara to Receive Euro 6 Compliant Engine Variations

As most of you reading this are already aware, the new Euro 6 legislation on engine emissions kicks in tomorrow (on the 1st of September). The goal is to greatly reduce the amount of Nitrous Oxides released into the environment by commercial vehicles. The new Nissan Navara NP300 is the latest to be receiving this upgrade which boasts class-leading emission control and now, improved engine efficiency. Nissan have also updated the standard equipment, trying to ensure you get more ‘bang for your buck’ and convince customers to make the change, as the model prices have been bumped up almost a grand each – Visia models by £792 and the others by £891 to accommodate this change.

So what you do get with these greener versions of the Nissan are slightly better fuel consumption, updates to standard equipment and also now, a start-stop engine system to try and save yet more fuel. Changes have also been made to make Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, new LCD cluster panel and also multi-function steering wheel controls, all standard with any models you buy.

On the other hand, what you are also getting is added weight. The NP300 opts for an AdBlue system which means that it is now carrying a second 17 litre tank to hold the fluid for this system. This reduces space for the fuel tank, downgrading from 80 litres to 73, but the overall increased payload means that the towing rating has been downed in some cases, although the 3.5 tonne limit remains unchanged.

The AdBlue system works by reacting the hydrogen from the fluid with the Nitrous Oxides on the way out to create cleaner water and Nitrogen emissions, thus reducing the dangerous nitrates pouring out the back of any vehicle fitted to these standards. Whilst being the most popular choice at this point for a lot of LCV manufacturers, it’s also weighty and adds expense to the running costs as well as the initial price. Whilst Nissan say that the 17 litre tank of AdBlue will last just over 7000 miles, and the 5 year/100,000 mile warranty of the vehicle is very fair, it could only be a necessity if the new NP300 was being used soley for commercial use.