New VW Crafter Unveiled for 2017 Release

Whilst prices for the Crafter are still to be announced, the vehicle is to rival other panel vans from the likes of Ford (with it’s Transit Van) and Mercedes (with the Sprinter).

The new Crafter will have a fresh start, built in a new plant in Poland and won’t be based on the Sprinter. It will also be kitted out with some new tech as well as a Euro 6 compliant engine, with four variations to choose from, to keep up with the more popular Transits and Sprinters.

The inclusion of ESP, Trailer manoeuvring system, side wind assistance and the first for a panel van – Electric power steering, sees that VW are making strives to be leaders in this class.


100bhp, 120bhp, 138bhp and a bi-turbo unit with 175bhp variations will be available in the form of Volkswagen’s 2.0l diesel engine and three sizes will give plenty of choice for potential new owners, who will also surely be pleased with the looks.

The face of the rest of VW’s cars translates well to the Crafter and with the modern angular front, sporting new LED headlights, the drag will be the lowest of it’s class rivals at 0.33. Another box ticked…