Record Van Sales

A record number of vans have been sold so far this year in 2016.

191,996 were sold in the first six months in total – up 3% on last year.


The demand for heavier vehicles is becoming more and more apparent as it shows to be contributing the most growth, selling 120,395 units weighing in between 2.5 and 3.5 tonnes, for the year to date – up 12.7%.


The lighter categories are down on sales, supporting the theory that larger vehicles seem to be trending right now.

2 – 2.25 tonne vehicles showing a 15.9% slide in sales so far as well as the sub 2 tonne segment down by 19.7%.


On the other hand, the market for pickups is going strong again, showing almost 23,000 units registered and a growth of 10.9%.


As (perhaps) you would all expect, Ford are still leading in this market with 59,281, almost tripling the sales of VW who are in a not-so-close second place with 21,878.