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Study says that 41% of drivers are switching off their in-cab tech

There’s a lot to enjoy about buying a brand new van with cheap van deals, as opposed to buying a used model. For starters, new vans come complete with all the best in-car tech, designed to help make everyday duties even safer and easier for drivers to get done. The trouble is, though, that this all counts for nothing if the drivers themselves switch off this technology, and according to new research by Autoglass, 41% of them are doing just that! So the obvious question is of course – why?

What does the research say?

The Autoglass survey questioned around 1,400 drivers about Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). The company found that there was, and we quote, a general lack of knowledge and awareness about these systems from drivers.

Almost a quarter (24%) with ADAS enabled vehicles said that they weren’t provided with enough meaningful information about why they were useful or important, and that they didn’t feel they’d received sufficient training in how these systems they work. As many as 41% of all respondents said that they had specifically turned off AEB or lane departure warning systems while they were driving the vehicle.

Now, while these systems can do a brilliant job of helping to keep drivers and passengers safe, they can only do this for as long as they’re, you know, on. In light of the findings, Autoglass has suggested that fleet managers renew their focus on educating drivers on the functions and importance of these technologies, and be proactive in ensuring that it’s being used correctly.

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Refocusing on recalibration

Autoglass also stressed the importance of keeping the equipment itself maintained to high standards. A windscreen replacement or damage to the body of the vehicle both have the potential to have a knock-on effect on the cameras and sensors that comprise ADAS, and they’ll need to be recalibrated accordingly to manufacturer standards. That was another slightly worrying area identified in the research from Autoglass, which found that more than half of respondents (55%) didn’t know that recalibration would be necessary after a windscreen replacement, and around the same number (52%) didn’t know that the cameras would need recalibrating if they’d been impacted by bodywork.

Essentially it all goes to show that training is just as important as the tech itself – any investment in a brand new van tooled up with the latest sophisticated technology may all count for very little if the drivers don’t know (or don’t care) how to use it. As for how to get your drivers up to speed, the best approach will probably vary from business to business. You might decide that short, regular refreshers are the best way to do it, or alternatively you may simply want to hold a single large, company-wide training session to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

It’s worth bearing in mind that not everyone has to be a driver to benefit from certain technologies – for example, a comprehensive session on certain fleet tracking technologies can be just as useful to office staff as it is to drivers out on the roads.

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