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The 5 best van accessories for your business

Your van will always be a crucial part of your business. Whether you’re on-site, travelling to work, or just finishing up for the weekend, it’s what you’ll be relying on to get you and your gear from A to B. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day working life, it’s easy for it to get a bit messy and disorganised, sometimes making it difficult to find the necessary equipment or paperwork. Luckily, there is a range of accessories available for vans that you might want to consider when you’re looking for the best van deals. Here we have five of the best which can be beneficial to both yourself and your business.

Interior lighting

The first accessory we would recommend is interior lighting. Having interior lighting can prove incredibly effective in boosting both efficiency and safety, whether that’s on a cold winter’s morning or a graveyard shift. By illuminating your van’s interior, it will be far easier to find all the necessary equipment for the job and, moreover, will make it easier to pack things away in an orderly fashion come the end of your shift. We recommend investing in a set of LED wall or ceiling lights that offer your van plenty of lighting to boost your business’s efficiency and organisation.

Window blanks

Moving from the interior to the exterior here, our second recommendation is a set of window blanks. Once you’ve found yourself a cheap van deal, you’ll be looking to load up your van with the correct equipment for the job. You’ll also want to protect your gear from theft and installing window blanks offers a visual blockade, meaning that any potential burglars are immediately deterred. Having the necessary tools for the job is crucial for going about your business effectively. Therefore, keeping them protected from theft is important and investing in window blanks is something we would wholeheartedly recommend.

van racking and storage

Interior shelves and racks

It’s amazing how much a single rack or shelf can improve your van’s organisation. Installing a couple of shelves and racks in your van’s loading space is heavily recommended if you hope to keep that area clean and orderly. You can dedicate specific shelves to important paperwork, parcels, or tools that you’ll need for your next job, meaning that you’ll know exactly where they are when they’re needed. This not only helps you to keep organised but also helps to present high standard of professionalism to your clients or customers, increasing the appeal of your business. There’s plenty of options of shelving and racks available online and you should be able to find the ideal set tailored to your van.

Roof racks

This accessory is especially recommended for those whose van’s loading space is already nearing maximum capacity. Roof racks are a versatile accessory that helps you to bring long equipment, such as ladders, without them taking up space inside the van. They can prove to be an ideal accessory for any business or trade, as they grant your van with an additional loading option. Moreover, you may also want to have a rear roller and rear door ladders to make it easier to load and unload equipment from your roof rack, increasing the safety measures in place as well as boosting productivity.

Seat covers

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and this is no different for your van. Any tradesperson, businessperson or delivery driver knows how easy it is to dirty up the interior of your van. However, after a long day of working, the last thing on your mind is keeping your van looking fresh. Seat covers can be an effective accessory in helping keep your van clean by prolonging the life of your seats, keeping them both comfortable and clean. Many seat covers are also machine washable, meaning that you won’t need to keep reinvesting in them, and therefore, they may prove to be an effective long-term solution to ensuring your van’s interior stays in a healthy condition.

Ultimately, your choice of accessories is entirely up to you. And when it comes to the vans themselves, that’s exactly where we can help. We have a huge range of vans to choose from, including commercial vehicles from the likes of Peugeot, Ford and Vauxhall. And best of all, we save buyers an average of 40% off a new van! With our in-house expertise and experience, we can even offer bespoke conversions for our customers. Call our van experts today on 01282 872 530 to see what we can do for you!