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Top 3 medium panel vans for 2022 so far

Medium sized panel vans are a staple addition for many fleets across the UK, and it’s easy to see why. They offer more space than smaller panel, or car-based vans, without the added bulk of a large panel van. A lot of modern, medium panel vans come with similar technological luxuries as family cars these days, which make them far more comfortable to drive.

Here at Van Discount, we specialise in supplying a wide range of medium panel vans to customers across a wide variety of sectors. We’ll get you the best deal on top brands like Ford and Vauxhall, and we routinely save our customers an average of 40% off the recommended retail price of a new van, which can be as much as thousands of pounds! We’re passionate about what we do, and we know what makes a cracking van – so here’s our top 3 picks for the best medium panel vans that you can get your hands on in 2022.

No. 3 – Renault Trafic

The Trafic has been one of Renault’s best-selling models for years now. The new generation was first launched in 2014 and was an instant hit. Constant updates and revisions have helped to keep the Trafic right up near the top of the leader board when it comes to medium panel vans. Some of the new updates include a fresh, new look both on the inside and the outside, while keeping the van’s practical element intact like its spacious storage area and easy drivability.

The front of the Trafic has had a completely redesigned front end, opting for a squarer look than previous models. However, one area that’s remained untouched is the cargo bay, which still offers one of the best sized spaces of any medium sized van – about 8.6 cubic metres, which is why it’s made our list.


No. 2 – Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vivaro has been a key player in Vauxhall’s van line-up since the turn of the millennium. It’s been a very popular choice for buyers, partially because it’s made right here in the UK – a fact that Vauxhall displays proudly on their badge.

The Vivaro is specifically designed to be an accessible, user friendly vehicle that appeals to drivers looking for something that’s similar to a car to drive. The load volumes are a bit bigger than before – offering a through load facility of the standard-fit steel bulkhead, which lets you load long, narrow items all the way into the passenger footwell. The third generation which was released in 2019 has been given a serious revamp when compared to older models. Today, the Vivaro shares a lot of its engineering and design features with a number of vans like the Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert.

To round it off, the newest Vivaro is shorter and narrower than the older model and there’s a bit less width between the wheel-arches, making it easier to fit into tighter spaces.

No. 1 – Ford Transit Custom

Finally, we come to our top pick. The van, the myth, the legend. It is, of course, the Ford Transit Custom. The first version of the new Transit arrived in 2012 but it was given a revamp in 2017, which gave it a more contemporary look. Constant updates from then have ensured that the Transit has remained a competitive force to this very day.

A lot of this van’s success can be attributed to the countless upgrades that it’s undergone since its birth. Most of these upgrades have focused on the quality of the interior, which have made the Transit more car-like to drive. On top of this, they’ve introduced all sorts of new tech like Ford’s SYNC3 infotainment system – a clever touch screen interface which lets you control things like the air conditioning and the audio input.

With plenty of styles to choose from, including L1 and L2 wheelbases (both of which are offered with H1 and H2 roof heights), it’s easy to see why this van is such a hit with many of our buyers.

To say this van was popular would be an understatement. The Transit was actually named the best selling vehicle in the whole of the UK in 2021, with many car manufacturers failing to sell more cars in total than the Transit alone that year.

So there’re our top picks for the best vans you can get hold of this year – and you can find each and every one of these vans, and more, right here at Van Discount. We’ve got over 30 years experience in commercial van sales, and we’re happy to offer our expertise to help you find the best van for the job. So whether you’re a fleet manager or a private buyer, we’ve got the vans to suit your needs. Call now on 01282 872 530 to take advantage of our expert advice and the best new van deals!