Van security tips – how to keep your van and its contents safe

Whether you’re a sole trader or a commercial fleet manager, your van is one of your most important assets. If you run a small business, then it’s either the sole vehicle that’s available or it’s one of a few in the fleet. Though many vans have explicit signs saying that there are no tools left in them overnight, sadly it sometimes takes more than that to deter enterprising thieves. In this article, we cover some useful van security tips which can help you discourage thieves further, and minimise any risks.

Make security paramount

When choosing a van for purchase, or when considering modernising it with some upgraded security measures, it’s a good idea to focus on the tangible benefits of products.

When concentrating on selecting a new or newer van for purchase, one of the chief advantages is recent security improvements for van owners. There’s a whole host of different deadlocks, alarm systems and built-in immobilisers now. It’s important to familiarise yourself with what’s on the market. This way, you’ll know the better systems from the weaker ones, which is very useful when shopping for a new set of wheels for a work assignment.

Look for the following items:

  1. A fixed or metal mesh door separating the cab from the storage area.
  2. Whether the van has enough doors to access it from either side (if needed).
  3. If the rear door should be glazed or not (the latter is better for security).

Keep valuables away from prying eyes

When it comes to valuables, do you want to store items in the van or always take them with you? If you or other members of staff will make stops along the way where it’s necessary to leave either stock or some tools inside the van for a short period, then systems need to be in place to obstruct these items from view.

Electronics like a tablet, a phone, a Satnav system or even the stereo should all be either taken with you or hidden away when exiting the vehicle. It’s all too tempting for a thief to attempt to get the door open or smash the window just to reach in and grab what’s in plain view.

Where are you parking?

Where you park has a significant impact on the likelihood of an attempted break-in. Parking in a public area with plenty of light, possibly CCTV installed overlooking the area or with many passers-by, helps to avoid an opportunistic attempt to get inside the van.

Even the best security systems aren’t that helpful when a driver parks in a side road that gets little foot traffic and a thief can do their worst, undisturbed for several minutes at a time. Don’t make it easy for them.

Improve security measures

Alarms and any immobiliser should now be Thatcham Category 2 approved which confirms that the alarm is bundled with an immobiliser as standard. An electronic GPS system is worth spending money on to track the vehicle should it be stolen. It’s much more likely to be recovered when a stealth tracking system is fitted.

Better locks for the steering wheel and hand brake are worth doing. A window tint that’s plastic prevents broken glass entering the cab if the window gets smashed. Wheel nuts and a fuel fill cap that are both lockable avoids sabotage and wheel theft too.When making sensible changes to the van and adopting safer practices, the risks of loss are considerably reduced. The insurance bill is sometimes lowered too.


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