unloading luton van

Why get a Luton van? The key advantages

There are many great advantages as to why you should get a Luton van. If you’re thinking about getting a van, this might be the push you need to start looking at cheap van deals for your fleet, business, or just for your daily needs. Luton vans are known for an extra part of the storage space going over the driver’s cab. This particular type of van dates all the way back to Bedfordshire in the 1930s, where it was originally used for providing extra room for placing low weight goods.

Nowadays, the design has slightly changed to reduce wind resistance and provide a more stable drive. This makes it the perfect all-around van for many requirements. So, what are the main advantages of the Luton van?

It’s the perfect size for removals and haulage

Wherever removals or haulage are concerned, the Luton van is always the number one pick to get the job done. Due to its large size, it’s able to fit all kinds of different boxes, furniture and other products with ease. This saves lots of time and money by reducing the number of constant trips needed when moving storage and boxes from one location to another.

The large space that it offers also makes it easier for you when removals are concerned as dismantling furniture will not be necessary in many cases. When you need to move all the boxes out of the van, the size of the Luton van makes this easy, allowing you to unload and get going again in no time.

It’s hugely versatile, with a high payload capacity

Whether you will be transporting building materials, or carrying heavy boxes, Luton vans have a high payload capacity, giving you peace of mind that the van won’t struggle under the pressure.

That means, for example, if you have lots of equipment you use for your business, a Luton van will always be a safe bet for you to carry it all. Similarly, if you’re planning on moving large loads for long distances (whether on a one-off or regular basis), you can count on a Luton van to be able to help you get the job done. (There’s nothing worse than buying a small or medium sized van only to find out later that it’s not got sufficient capacity to meet your needs!) All that probably goes some way to explaining why Luton vans are the preferred choice for so many sole traders and business owners.

Is there anything I need to know before getting a Luton van?

Driving licenses

One of the reasons why the Luton van is so popular has to do with driving licences. Specifically, you don’t need a special licence to drive it, as you only need a standard driving licence for a Luton van (and any other vans lighter than 3.5 tonnes). This can end up saving you a lot of time and money than if you had to work towards getting a specific van licence.

Check the dimensions of the van

When deciding on which Luton van to get, you’ll first need to look at the dimensions. If your operations regularly take you down narrow streets, or into tight parking spaces, those will need to be taken into account – one of the bigger vans may not be for you!

See if the payload capacity is sufficient

Before making a decision, checking the payload capacity is another immensely important step. It’s a good idea to leave some leeway for a little over what you’ll generally think you’ll be carrying, to allow you some valuable extra flexibility on those particularly urgent jobs. Driving an overloaded vehicle at any stage can be extremely dangerous to the driver, not to mention others on the road. An overloaded vehicle can pose particular difficulties with braking, handling, speed and fuel efficiency.

It can also start to affect the long-term durability of the vehicle – damage to your tyres and axles will be the most obvious first!

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