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You know what they say – small vans are big business! Compact, manoeuvrable and famously easy to drive, small vans (sometimes known as short wheelbase vans) are the trusty favourites of tradesmen and delivery drivers up and down the UK. Despite their size, as long as short wheelbase vans are properly equipped and savvily loaded, they’re often able to fit a surprising amount of cargo in their modest load space, making them useful for quick deliveries or nipping from one job site to another.

At Van Discount we’re proud to maintain an impressive selection of new small vans for sale, with great prices on commercial vehicles from top brands and manufacturers including Peugeot, Citroën, Renault and Ford. We also offer several flexible and affordable van finance options, taking the pressure off your wallet when you come to buy a new small van.

With over 30 years of experience, we save our buyers an average of 40% off Recommended Retail Price on a new SWB van. Call now on 01282 872 530 to take advantage of our expert advice and the best new van deals!

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Why Choose A New Small Panel Van?

Nimble and highly economical to maintain, small vans lend themselves well to inter-city trips and urban environments, as their compact size makes for easier handling in tight quarters, and you’ll rarely struggle to find a parking space. Their particularly economical engines get you a lot of miles to the gallon, providing consistently impressive fuel efficiency.

Small vans generally have a decent range, but because of their modest cargo capacity they tend to be used more for small, local deliveries, or by tradespeople to transport their tools and equipment. After all, if you’re spending your day zipping from one job to the next, you’ll want an agile commercial vehicle to navigate the traffic.

The payload of small vans tends to range between 650kg to a tonne, but the best small panel vans for load space often use handy foldable seats and a bulkhead hatch to extend the load length to as much as 3.4 metres. Many small vans come with a single sliding door, with a second door offered as an option.

Small vans can also benefit from asymmetrical rear doors to help with opening in tight spaces, and some short wheelbase vans provide a hatchback-style top-hinged tailgate. Useful extra features like lashing eyes can be added to the load spaces, and for the doors fleet managers can choose between window glass to boost visibility, or solid steel doors for better security.

Small vans and similar short wheelbase vehicles have always been popular with drivers due to their pleasant driving experience, with car-based running gear, front-wheel drive and power steering to aid handling and agility.

Depending on your preference, new small vans can also be outfitted with cutting-edge kit and safety systems, like rear cameras, adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking. The cabin can also be completed with USB and 12-volt connections to charge mobiles and other devices on-the-go.

With several inherent strengths and a number of practical features to choose from, at Van Discount we have plenty of small vans available which provide everything you could want from a light commercial vehicle. The SWB Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, and Ford Connect are all amongst the current top choices for drivers and fleet managers, but they’re far from the only options. We’ve got a huge range of small vans for sale, giving you plenty of choice in finding one that’s perfect for your business.