Mercedes Teaser Video for New Pickup

Mercedes have kept pretty quiet about their latest All-Wheel project, rumoured to be badged as a GLT or perhaps X-Class. Not much more has been given away in the 20 second video released earlier today, for the Merc. It shows teasing shots of the headlights and a side profile, but the whole concept won’t be unveiled until the middle of next year.

So what specifications can we expect? Again, information is all a bit hazy, although speculation leads many to believe that Mercedes will offer up choices between four or six cylinder engines, in either petrol or diesel and there’s even talk of a hybrid engine variant being available.

There could be room to serve up a slice of luxury with this vehicle as well. Whilst we all know that Mercedes Benz have always put the utmost effort into quality interiors, this is a pickup and will be launched along side Merc’s other LCV models. The company will have to get the right balance of classy comfort as well as ruggedness, with decent off-road ability, like they did with the M-Class when that was launched two decades ago.