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Who is the Commercial Vehicle Market Leader?

Ford is the CV market leader in the UK, and recent sales figures show the manufacturer is actually improving its market share. November sales figures indicate Ford’s advantage over its closest rival has grown to a full 40 percent. Ford’s figures also show faster growth than the overall market sales figures.

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The Outlook in 2015 for the UK Van Market

The used van market will soon emerge from patterns set by the recession which peaked in 2009. During bleak economic times, fewer new van purchases resulted in a lopsided used van market. While used vans have always been available, the uneven market made it hard for consumers to find the age, mileage or configuration that suited their business and/or budget. During 2015, this trend will change for the better, according to Manheim, a major UK used vehicle sales firm.

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In the near future: Self driving logistics vehicles

Just as self-driving vehicles are poised to change individual driving habits, autonomous commercial vehicles may soon alter the world of logistics. DHL, which has done extensive research on the subject, has released a report detailing what it sees as the future of drivers, autonomous vehicles, and the business world.

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