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Ghost Immobiliser System Offers Further Protection for LCVs

The newly released Ghost Immobiliser is built to combat modern methods of vehicle theft. The premise is simple: a PIN has to be entered, in the form of a sequence of buttons before it can be driven away. The system has no interface, so no big LED screen to be installed, therefore nothing that can be identified, targetted and removed by thieves. Instead, the software is installed directly into the vehicle, connecting to the CAN bus system which then in turn talks to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This means the PIN has to be discretely inputted using buttons that are already installed on existing components, in the vehicle the sequence can be up to 20 presses long, utilising buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard etc.

But hang on, that all sounds a bit hard work before you can drive your new van off in the morning though, right? Well, that’s also been thought of. Ghost Immobiliser has an accompanying app that will connect to the vehicle when it’s inside and automatically verify the pin, letting you drive off as normal without delay. However, the app does cost a shade under a tenner (£9.99) and is also only currently available on iOS. In addition, it does have to run in the background on your phone, with Bluetooth on after it is paired to the system. This might have quite a drain on your battery so perhaps it’s better not left on all day at work.