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Growth for Market in New Vans After Release of 66 Plates Last Month

September saw another good month for the LCV sector, with most categories up on year-on-year sales. Last month saw the release of the new registration plates; a busy time of the year for any vehicle dealerships. However, with more and more affordable and flexible finance plans available now, the sector saw the most growth overall than before the recession.

The ever growing pickup market led the way, up over 16% in sales as well as showing a growth in registrations. 11.2% for lighter weight LCVs (2.0 – 2.5 tonne) as well as 5.2% for the medium and heavier class (2.5 – 3.5 tonnes). Although, in contrast the sub 2 tonne category saw no increase, in fact in fell by 17% and the nearly negligible 4×4 van market slumped 93.8%, to just under 100 units.

All in all, the figures are good. the whole LCV market is up 1.9% with year-on-year sales and the year to as of the end of September saw over 290,000 new units registered. Even though these are the best figures since the pre-recession year of 2007, industry professionals remain skeptical with regards to the future with all the political uncertainty currently in the air.