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Alliance Healthcare Splash Out On New Renault Masters

Alliance Healthcare has updated it’s fleet, opting for the new Renault master. The 300 units have been converted with ambient temperature adaptions to keep it’s pharmaceuticals at just the right temperature during transit.

One reason behind Alliance’s big decision were for the economic models of Renault available, opting for the 2.3 litre diesel variant that comes with Stop/Start engine function, an ECO mode as well as an energy recovery braking system. This move supports the firm’s commitment to keeping their Carbon Footprint in check, as the vans will be used constantly, helping to deliver twice-daily to pharmacies across the country.

Renault also offer a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers 100,000 miles as well as a 2 year service assistance package. This gives Alliance peace of mind about the future of their fleet, knowing the new vans will be looked after in the years to come.