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Priced at only £395 per month!
With a 4.6m load length, this is a very large van for the money



Iveco Daily Vans For Sale

Iveco has its roots in five companies from Italy, Germany and France that merged in 1985. It now manufactures in the UK and across the globe in 160 countries. It was also the first manufacturer to create a turbo diesel engine for use in heavy industrial trucks and later was the first to add direct injection to a light diesel engine.

The Iveco Daily, its well-known distribution van, has won prizes such as Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year, the European Transport Sustainability Prize, and Green Van of the Year. On its truck-derived chassis, the Iveco Daily is unique in a world full of vans are built with a unibody design and are ideal for transport or distribution with reviewers voting the vehicle to be the toughest of light commercial vans.


Iveco vans are designed around the driver with a high load capacity, which reduces the number of trips needed, a windscreen is framed by a continuous line that offers a wider view and special bodywork which has increased the vehicle’s glass surface area offering better vertical vision, too. The van’s hood is also rounded to accommodate easy engine access and boasts perfectly positioned headlights to help protect the vehicle from road debris and minor knocks.

The headlights on Iveco Dailys are set higher up and further back which helps to protect them from road debris and minor knocks. All of this exterior styling contributes to the van’s aerodynamics, which is essential to good fuel economy. The new Iveco Daily vans have class-leading ergonomics and a better driver’s seat. Soundproofing has been improved. Climate control has been updated. The suspension has been improved to reduce roll and pitch. A new info-telematic system with a navigator is available. Iveco Daily vans offer nine engines and many sizes, including three heights and five lengths. With so many variants, businesses can find the right size to suit their purposes.

Why Purchase an Iveco Van From The Van Discount Company?

Although the Van Discount Company is proud to offer many variants of Iveco vans for sale, all with UK warranties and UK registrations, we just do not owe our livelihood to one manufacturer which allows our friendly staff to provide impartial advice on the brands and styles available to your business. Our staff has 30 years of experience in commercial vehicles. Our expertise will go to work for you as we strive to match your business goals with the best van choices. We understand the ins and outs of specifications and variants and with all our Iveco van sales, we can help you make the most economical and appropriate choice.

Let the Van Discount Company help you with your next Iveco vans purchase. Contact us here today to find out more.

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