van warpping

Our quick introduction to van wrapping and its benefits

If you’re the manager of a commercial vehicle business, you may already be familiar with the benefits of van wrapping. If you’re in need of a refresher though, we’re here with our quick guide to help you wrap your head around it. Wrapping your van essentially turns it into a mobile advertising board; it’s a fantastic way for you to get your name out there, as well as any information that potential customers might need to know like your email, contact number, social media handle and so on.

Wrapping is also a fantastic way of giving your van a fresh new look, and it’s a great way of covering up any unsightly bumps and scrapes. If your van is suffering from a bit more than a few bumps and scrapes though, you may be in need of a new one. That’s where we can help – here at Van Discount, we’ve got plenty of new vans for sale that you can use to freshen up your fleet. We’ve been supplying the best van deals to suit all needs for over 30 years, including fantastic prices on dropside vansLuton vans and lo loaders.

Of course, an effective wrapping design can be just as eye-catching as a new van – so, let’s get into some of the finer points of van wrapping!

What is van wrapping?

Van wraps are basically pliable vinyl stickers that are fitted to your vehicle by professional wrappers to enhance your brand’s exposure. These can be made in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs, and form a protective layer against motorway debris that can scratch and score your van’s paint job.

You can choose between a partial or full vehicle wrap, but obviously these will differ in price. Decals cost anywhere between £75 to £300, and a full wrap generally ranges from between £1500 to £3000, depending on the size of the vehicle and the intricacy of the design.

Can I use my own brand design?

Speaking of design, in most cases you’re fully encouraged to use a brand design of your own making, but it’s always advisable to check with your provider. When drafting your design, be sure to include the fundamentals like the name of your company, your logo, your web address, and your telephone number. We’d also advise checking out your colours of choice on an existing van, or in a swatch book, as it’s very common for certain colours you see on a piece of design software like Photoshop to come out looking very different in real life. If you’re not the artistic type, no problem, you can always hire a professional designer to draw something up for you that’s extra slick.

How long does a van wrap last?

This is one of the best things about wrapping your van. In most cases, a well done van wrap can last anywhere from five to ten years, so it’s definitely a long-term investment that’s sure to last the duration of your van’s lifetime! As an added note for when you’re designing your wrap, keep in mind that block-colour vinyl will last longer than digitally printed vinyl, as the latter will fade over time.

Plus, wrapping is extremely flexible, so if you don’t like the design once it’s been rendered onto your vehicle, or you’ve decided to sell your van in favour of getting a new one here with us at Van Discount, it can be easily removed. If you don’t feel confident enough to do this yourself, we’d recommend getting in touch with a trained professional. You don’t want to de-value your van with a botched wrap removal job!

Who do I need to notify if I get my van wrapped?

By law, you need to inform the DVLA that your vehicle has had a colour change if you opt for a full body wrap. You can do this by jotting the updates down in your vehicle logbook (V5C). You’ll also need to inform your insurance company of any changes made to your vehicle’s aesthetic.

So that’s the basics more or less covered! Van wrapping is definitely something to consider if you’re a business owner who’s just starting up and needs to get your name out into the public sphere. If you’re in need of a new vehicle altogether though, we’re here to help – we have a wide range of quality diesel and petrol vans in various sizes and specs, and we routinely save our customers an average of 40% off the price of a new van, which often equates to thousands of pounds! So, whether you’re a fleet manager or a private buyer, we’ve got the vans to suit your needs. Call now on 01282 872 530 to take advantage of our expert advice, we’re always happy to help!