Buying a New Van? Here’s What you Need to Know About your DPF

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If you’re a business fleet manager, delivery driver or any tradesperson who’s in the market for cheap van deals, you may well be on the hunt for a diesel model. Diesel vans are typically more economical than alternatives and can cope better with heavy loads, although they’re often viewed as not being quite as clean as petrol models. As with so many purchases like this, buying a diesel van is often a matter of weighing up the pros and cons, and deciding which ones work best in your favour.

What is a DPF?

The DPF – or Diesel Particulate Filter – is a small device that’s found attached to the exhaust on most modern diesel vehicles. They have been a part of the exhaust system of diesel vehicles as standard since 2009.

This innovative piece of tech smartly traps the dangerous particulates that can come from diesel engines, stopping them being released out of the exhaust. This in turn helps prevent damage to the environment and stops this hazardous matter being breathed in by drivers and pedestrians.

When the particulates are trapped by the DPF, they are then burned up when the temperature of the exhaust goes up and they get turned into ash which is then ejected from the system. This process is known as its ‘regeneration cycle’.

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What issues can a DPF cause?

It’s this ‘regeneration cycle’ where the problems sometimes lie with DPFs. If this process can’t be completed properly (for whatever reason), the filter will quickly become clogged up. If this happens, the engine in your van will eventually lose power and you’ll break down. What’s more, the DPF will either need to be cleaned or replaced, which can be an expensive job.

How do I know if a diesel van is right for me?

The ‘regeneration cycle’ needs a minimum of 15 miles to complete, ideally at speeds over 40mph. So basically, if you’re only going to be doing short journeys in your diesel van, then maybe a different type – e.g. petrol or electric – would be a better choice for you. It’s better not to run the risk, as the last thing you’ll want with your business is added costs due to repairs.

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